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I am very happy that I can now offer you an even bigger offer.


As I have been doing since 2018, I am offering sewing courses in small groups:

  • In my open studio I accompany your sewing project, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced

  • Introduction to working with the serger and coverlock

  • Introduction to pattern construction and assistance in modifying patterns to suit special figure needs

  • Upcycle and make alterations to your own garments


Nastia has recently been working in my studio. Here you can learn more about them. For those who either don't have time to sew or don't dare to do a certain job, Nastia offers:

Alteration Tailoring:

Nastia can change anything that doesn't fit you: dresses, including wedding dresses, evening dresses, suits, skirts, trousers, shirts, jackets, coats, bags, leather items, lining, curtains, zips and much more.


Nastia makes bespoke clothing for women, men and children. Of course according to your wishes and in close contact with you. You can choose your favorite fabric in your favorite color (see color advice) and Nastia will conjure up the perfect fitting piece of clothing. Nastia has particular expertise in women's coats and jackets.

Another piece of news is that I have completed my training as an "integrative color stylist". So I can perfectly complement my sewing courses and Nastia's tailoring. In the past I have noticed that when choosing the perfect fabric, there is often a great deal of uncertainty, especially with regard to the colour.


That's why I've been offering extensive color coaching since May 1, 2022: It's not so much about telling you what "color type" you are. Rather, I would like to explore with you in a joint coaching appointment which colors and color combinations are your “best” colors.


Which colors make you look alive, fresh, authentic? I am really looking forward to taking this journey with you! You will quickly notice that your view of color and clothing will change from the ground up, become much more differentiated! If you wish, I can supplement the color coaching with a make-up consultation.

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