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That's why I've been offering extensive color coaching since May 1, 2022: It's not so much about telling you what "color type" you are. Rather, I would like to explore with you in a joint coaching appointment which colors and color combinations are your “best” colors.


Which colors make you look alive, fresh, authentic? I am really looking forward to taking this journey with you! You will quickly notice that your view of color and clothing will change from the ground up, become much more differentiated! If you wish, I can supplement the color coaching with a make-up consultation.


Colors have always had a magical attraction for me. That's how I remember the box of colored pencils in my grandmother's desk. They were very old and smelled so good of cedar. I spent a lot of time lining up the pencils and trying out the many different shades of color. I was never a great painter, but even today my heart leaps when I open the lid of a colored pencil set or an overview of all available thread colors ...

The importance of colors for appearance:

The importance of color for clothing only became clear to me much later and unfortunately through a negative example: A few years ago my aunt organized a big family reunion: My grandmother (the one with the crayons in the desk) had 10 siblings. Due to the turmoil of World War II and the subsequent flight, these siblings and their descendants were scattered all over the world. My aunt had the idea of bringing all the descendants of those 11 siblings together in a big family reunion in Berlin.


In anticipation of that day, I went out and bought a summer dress – in a muted shade of apricot… Well, to make a long story short, the afternoon turned out to be a disaster for me: both the relatives who knew me and those who brought me to the first Let's see, everyone was sure I must be sick! I almost became the involuntary focus of the event, they were seriously worried about me. When I looked in the mirror, I realized: I looked strangely pale, almost a little greenish in the face. So I realized that the colors that I find "beautiful" or that I'm attracted to aren't necessarily the colors that make me look good. There is no doubt that muted apricot didn't suit me. But which colors were “my” colors? It was to be a while before a friend asked me if I would be interested in training as a color stylist with her. I said yes immediately! Now I am ready to share this extensive knowledge with you.

How does color coaching work?

  • A color coaching takes about 2-3 hours. Please take enough time with you so that we don't suddenly run into time pressure because your next appointment is already waiting.

  • If you dye your hair, please do not dye it freshly at the appointment so that we can see your natural hair color at the hairline.

  • If you wear glasses and cannot see yourself from about 1 m away without glasses, it is better to use contact lenses. But bring the glasses with you anyway, because that way we can judge right away whether the color is the right choice.

  • Please wear a loose-fitting top in a neutral color such as black, charcoal, or dark blue.

  • Come without makeup. Alternatively, you are welcome to take your make-up off with me and apply make-up again after the coaching – or have it applied by me.

  • Using six different cloth sets, we determine your most beautiful colors. I will record the result for you on photos, which I will send to you afterwards if you wish. Nobody but the two of us sees these photos and I delete them again after the appointment.

  • After the coaching appointment you can go home and I will create an individual color pass for you. In addition to the color pass, you will also receive a detailed explanation from me on how best to use your colors.

  • When I have the passport ready, usually a few days after the coaching appointment, we can arrange a second appointment. Here I can give you the passport, explain it and we can clarify any questions you may have had since the first appointment.

  • Should something change in your own color in the future, for example because you are slowly getting white strands or are now dying your hair, we are happy to arrange a follow-up appointment. Here we can clarify whether the changes should also be reflected in your color pass. If that's the case, I'm happy to change your color swatch.

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