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Hi! My name is Nastia.


I come from beautiful Ukraine. After my tailoring apprenticeship and further training as a tailor, I worked in a tailoring studio in Charkiv. When my mother was 45 years old, she lost her job. So we decided that my mother would take an apprenticeship with me and also learn the tailoring trade. So I passed the craft on to my mother, the other way around, so to speak, than usual.


Because of the situation in my country, I decided at the end of February 2022 to leave my country with my mother, my daughter and our Chihuahua. We have landed in hospitable Germany!


I have dedicated my whole life to sewing - sewing is my work, my hobby and my passion. I've always loved creating new things, it's a real magic when a few pieces of fabric are turned into a new masterpiece! I was very lucky to meet someone as passionate as Betti in a country that was new to me. I am very grateful to her for her support and the opportunity to continue doing what I love.

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