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Please just contact me on which days it suits you! Please also note your phone number so that I can call you to find an appointment.

Sewing course adults

€45.00 | €40.90 per appointment, with bonus card* | Bonus card* adults for 11 appointments €450.00

Sewing course children (up to approx. 14 years)

€37.00 | €33.40 per appointment, with bonus card* | Bonus card* children for 11 appointments €370.00

Children's birthday party, girls' night out, etc

Price negotiable, depending on the number of participants and project/material

Max. 5 participants


color coaching

270 € incl. photos and color pass

Make-up coaching


only bookable in connection with color coaching

Modifications and customizations

Price by arrangement, depending on the effort

*A bonus card can, but does not have to be purchased in advance

An appointment is bindingly booked after my confirmation. If something comes up, please cancel the appointment 24 hours before the start of the event. Appointments canceled after that time must be invoiced.

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