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My name is Miss Fritz. I am 43 years old, married and a mother to a lively, wonderful son – as well as a lovely little dog named Rudi. 

As a child, I remember an old Singer sewing machine in our laundry room. And a large Persil tin full of buttons. Whenever I was bored, I would go and play with the buttons, sorting them according to different criteria. My mother told me that the sewing machine and box of buttons were heirlooms from her Grandmother Hanna, who had been a seamstress. But since my mother could not sew, the sewing machine stayed still. What a shame, I would so much have liked to see how it worked!

Sewing was not taught to me at a young age… rather via a detour caused by the ups and downs of life. But ever since I first used a sewing machine, I have hardly been able to turn it off: In the last ten years I have learnt everything needed to take on almost any sewing project.I began by attending courses with experienced dressmakers and later learned pattern cuttingand design, as well as taking courses in sewing machine technology. For a while, I worked in a Berlin tailoring studio.More recently I have been teaching sewing classes, including at a local primary school for children in grades 4-6. 

I love sewing. It gives me a necessary balance to the movements of everyday life. Sewing alone is somewhat meditative. Sewing in a group is a lot of fun and very communicative!

Since moving to Pankow, I have been able to set up my own studio which is big enough for my own sewing school. I look forward to all those who come round!

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